Andy’s Delivery Service

Andy’s Delivery Service


Thank you for visiting our site.

We are launching a delivery service to bring all of your favourite Andy’s dishes directly to your home.


Please order by phone (03-3214-8021) from 14:00 - 19:00 weekdays (excluding holidays) as delivery area still undecided.

Please allow 90 - 120 minutes for delivery.

Payment is only cash on delivery or PayPay. No credit card accepted.


Minimum order: 6,000 yen plus 1,000 yen delivery fee required.

Delivery area : Please confirm by phone. 

Menu: Please choose from below;


King Crab Legs                Large (about 950g) 10,000 yen


 Deep Fried Chicken.        5 pieces          800 yen

Chicken Gyoza Wings      1 piece            250 yen

Sauté Scallops                1 piece            400 yen

Grilled Black Cod in Miso                     1,200 yen

Fresh Tuna Steak                                1,200 yen


 Fish and Chips.                                   1,200 yen

Chips                                                    500 yen

Korean Pan Cake with Spicy Sauce          800 yen

Chili Prawns                                       1,200 yen

Sauté John Dory                                 1,000 yen

Buttered Asparagus                               850 yen

Buttered Eringi Mushrooms                    850 yen


 Fresh Karuizawa Cabbage with Home Made Spicy Miso    500 yen

Tomato Salad                                        500 yen


Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Thank you!!